Based on the latest and most sophisticated Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology, Adapt-g is an efficient way of yielding maximum information in minimum time. Unlike classical testing, CAT testing does not require respondents to complete a fixed set of questions. Instead, CAT tests reveal a respondent’s ability by identifying the level of question difficulty the respondent can successfully complete. The Adapt-g contains items that meet content and “information” specifications. In this way, the test is designed to provide high accuracy and precision with far fewer items than would be required for a typical non-adaptive test. The Adapt-g is specifically developed to assess verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning domains of ability using a sophisticated and efficient method.


Report Options

These online report options are available for the following assessment

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Item Banked

Adapt-g is an Item Banked assessment of general ability and can therefore be administered using remote unsupervised administration via Psytech GeneSys.

Who is the Adapt-g for?

As the Adapt-g tailors itself to the level of the respondent, it is relevant and applicable to ALL ability levels. This means no more judgement based decisions of which ability level assessment to use.

The test is useful for identifying employees who are likely to benefit from further training, those who demonstrate promotion potential and for assessing whether applicants have the minimum ability level necessary for a particular role.

What the Adapt-g Measures

Verbal Reasoning measures verbal fluency, vocabulary and the ability to reason using words. This test is appropriate for all jobs which require a level of verbal ability (e.g. administrative staff, sales positions, system analysts, and executives).

Numerical Reasoning measures the ability to use and understand numerical concepts, to reason using numbers and perceive logical relationships between them. This test is appropriate for all jobs which require a level of numerical ability (e.g. accountants, financial advisors, sales positions).

Abstract Reasoning measures the ability to understand abstract logical relationships and reasoning new information outside the range of previous experience. This is the purest form of mental ability and is least affected by previous education and achievement. It is appropriate for all jobs which require bringing logical analysis to bear in novel, intellectually demanding situations.

Reports for the Adapt-g

Reports for both the decision maker and the respondent are available for the Adapt-g. A profile chart in the standard report presents raw scores, number of items attempted, sten or stanine scores and percentile ranks against a selected normative group.