CMAP Career Motivation Analysis Profile

The Career Motivation Analysis Profile was designed to provide a comprehensive and fully integrated assessment for career guidance and development. It is partially based on the pioneering work of John Holland in the area of general career themes, though also incorporates personality characteristics, motivators and reasoning abilities. Combined, these elements provide job recommendations based on an individuals’ key interests, how well suited they are to the work environment and how capable they may be of coping with the intellectual demands of particular jobs.


Assessment Sections

This online assessment includes the following sections

Section Duration
Verbal Reasoning* 4 minutes
Numerical Reasoning* 4 minutes
Abstract Reasoning* 6 minutes
Personality* 20 minutes
Total duration ** 34 minutes

* The duration of the personality questionnaire is an estimate as this section of the assessment is untimed. ** Excludes administration time, which adds roughly 2-3 minutes per section.

Report Options

These online report options are available for the following assessment

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This solution measures career-relevant information in three main areas: career interests, personal work needs and reasoning abilities.

Interest Areas

Eight broad patterns of career interests are measured as part of this solution are:

  • Artistic: Activities involving creative/artistic skills.
  • Scientific: Activities involving the understanding of natural and physical sciences.
  • Logical: Activities involving problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Managerial: Activities involving management and the control of others.
  • Administrative: Activities involving administration and well established procedures.
  • Persuasive: Activities involving persuasive skills and interaction with customers.
  • Practical: Activities involving engineering, machine tools, the use of machinery.
  • Nurturing: Activities centred on helping and caring for others.

Personal Work Needs

Personal work needs describe personal qualities and styles. They help in identifying career options that cater to the personality and individual ways of working\. The personal preferences measured as part of this solution are:

  • Excitement: Provides a measure of the extent to which an individual requires variety and change in their life.
  • Stability: Provides a measure of emotional stability and composure.
  • Optimism: Provides a measure of an individual’s approach to setbacks and adversity.
  • Openness: Provides a measure of a person’s openness to new ideas.
  • Conscientiousness: Provides a measure of the extent to which an individual will pay attention to detail, perseverance and control.
  • Agreeableness: Provides a measure of an individual’s inclination to be trusting, be generous and willing to help others.
  • Financial Motivation: Provides a measure of the extent to which an individual is motivated by financial success.
  • Extraversion: Provides a measure of sociability, giving an indication of an individual’s desire to work with others.

Reasoning Abilities

The ability tests assess the capacity to perceive logical patterns of relationship and deduce the logical consequences. They assess the ability to understand and solve novel problem with speed and accuracy. There are three measures of abilities that are generally relevant to vocational success. These are verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and abstract reasoning. These measures are also referred as tests of general reasoning ability.