Service Roles

Companies are fully aware that the level of service provided to customers not only helps differentiate them from their competitors, but increases customer satisfaction leading to long lasting client relationships. Service representatives are often the main contact customers have with the organisation, which is why it is important to better identify service talents and develop them.


Assessment Sections

This online assessment includes the following sections

Section Duration
Personality* 30 minutes
Total duration ** 30 Minutes

* The duration of the personality questionnaire is an estimate as this section of the assessment is untimed. ** Excludes administration time, which adds roughly 2-3 minutes per section.

Report Options

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The customer service solution investigates the likelihood respondents may exhibit certain types of service related behaviours. It can be used to identify potential gaps in performance, structure personal development or facilitate behavioural interviews in order to inform and support selection decisions.

The service domains used in this solution were developed to reflect the most important predictors of success in customer service roles. The service domains are presented as six competencies that are typical to general customer service roles and provide a practical and familiar platform for customer service coaches and trainers.

Service Dimensions

The service dimensions used are:

  • Service Orientation
  • Customer Interaction
  • Service Delivery
  • Service Improvement
  • Service Ethics
  • Adaptability and Coping

Work Environment Dimensions

In addition to describing the likelihood of respondent’s performing against the service competencies, the solution also provides insights into the types of roles or environments respondents are more likely to be comfortable working in.

Roles which require service representatives to:

  • work under pressure
  • exercise diplomacy
  • address the public and give presentations
  • work with each other
  • work in a competitive environment
  • maintain performance for long periods
  • maintain high standards
  • be able to work under constantly changing conditions
  • roles which provide service representatives with financial rewards and incentives