Critical Reasoning Test Battery

Critical Reasoning is an ability that is central to all roles that require the incumbent to take logical decisions based on complex information. CRTB2 has been developed to this core ability in a time and cost effective manner. CRTB2 comprises two sub-tests which measure verbal and numerical critical reasoning. These can be administered either individually or together.


Report Options

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What CRTB2 measures

Verbal Critical Reasoning measures the ability to understand and accurately draw logical conclusions and inferences from complex reports. Consequently, it forms a key assessment for managerial and professional roles which require accurate interpretation of written reports and rational decision making.

Numerical Critical Reasoning measures the ability to understand and critically evaluate a wide range of numerical data and draw logical conclusions from this. Consequently, it forms a key assessment for managerial and professional roles which require the ability to understand financial, numerical and statistical information.


CRTB2 is quicker to administer than most other critical reasoning tests. Both the verbal and numerical sub-tests can be completed in 40 minutes. Applicants find CRTB2 to be more acceptable than traditional reasoning tests as it contains problems which are relevant to management and business functions. It is available in paper and pencil format, or online and offline using the GeneSys platform.

CRTB2 has been completed by thousands of people worldwide from a variety of occupations and cultural backgrounds. As a result, an extensive range of norms exist enabling respondents’ results to be compared to those obtained by a wide range of professional groups.

CRTB2 can identify people who:

  • Weigh up evidence logically
  • Identify trends in data
  • Isolate the key points in an argument
  • Understand complex arguments
  • Assimilate all the evidence
  • Quickly comprehend statistical information
  • Process information quickly
  • Make well-informed business decisions
  • Solve problems effectively
  • Take ill informed decisions
  • Fail to grasp numerical concepts
  • Overlook core information
  • Struggle to grasp complex arguments
  • Fail to appreciate all the evidence
  • Are confused by statistical data
  • Are slow to process information
  • Have poor business judgement
  • Are unable to find solutions to problems

CRTB2 Reports

Decision-maker and candidate feedback reports are available for CRTB2. They present a detailed breakdown of the respondent’s performance across the sub-scales using profile charts and narrative. The group report option provides decision-makers with a summary of the results from a number of respondents ranked according to performance.

Available Languages

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Chinese-PRC
  • Greek
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Russian