Competency Focused Personality Assessment

Organisations use competencies and competency frameworks to identify, develop and reinforce specific behaviours that are required to achieve organisational success. Today almost all the fortune 500 corporations have integrated the concept of competencies in all critical areas of human resources management. The competency focused solution aids organisations in the identification and development competency related behaviours.


Assessment Sections

This online assessment includes the following sections

Section Duration
Personality* 30 minutes
Total duration ** 30 Minutes

* The duration of the personality questionnaire is an estimate as this section of the assessment is untimed. ** Excludes administration time, which adds roughly 2-3 minutes per section.

Report Options

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This SOLUTIONS assessment uses Psytech’s Universal Competency Framework to predict respondents’ typical behaviour in each of the model’s competency domains. A competency is defined as the specific set of skills, knowledge and behaviour that is required to complete particular work tasks effectively. Unlike aptitudes or personality traits, which are relatively enduring and stable over time, competencies can be acquired and refined through appropriate mentoring, coaching and training.

The solution outlines respondents’ most likely personal strengths and weaknesses in each of the model’s competency domains. It can be used to identify potential gaps in performance, facilitate personal development or structure behavioural interviews in order to inform and support selection decisions.

Competency Domains

The competency domains included in the Universal Competency Framework are:

  • Integrity – is defined as the tendency to be reliable and honest.
  • Creativity – is defined as the tendency to think in a creative and innovative manner.
  • Logical and Analytical – is defined as the tendency to approach problems in a rational, intellectual manner.
  • Interpersonal Skills – is defined as the tendency to build positive working relationships with others.
  • Resilience – is defined as the tendency to cope well with pressure.
  • Persuasiveness – is defined as the tendency to communicate in a persuasive, confident manner.
  • Planning and Organising – is defined as the tendency to organise one’s own and others’ work and to plan for all contingencies.
  • Quality Orientation – is defined as the tendency to attend to detail and produce work that is accurate and of a high standard.
  • Energy and Drive – is defined as the tendency to have high levels of drive, energy and enthusiasm.

While the solution uses Psytech’s Universal Competency Framework, users are encouraged to identify the most relevant competencies to the job they are interested in and focus on those in their investigation.